Friday, June 20, 2008

And Fundraising Begins...

Dear Sir or Madam:

Since 2001, Peace Corps Volunteers in Malawi host an annual two-week summer school called “Camp Sky”. This program offers students from Community Day Secondary Schools the opportunity to attend classes that complement the subjects they are taught during the traditional school year. This year Camp Sky will be held from November 9th to November 21st in Zomba.

The students coming to summer school typically deal with overcrowded classes, scarce learning materials, and overburdened teachers. However, despite these obstacles many have strong academic performance, and these students want and need a chance to go further with their education. For Camp Sky we select the top male and female students entering their final year of secondary school. Since most have never traveled beyond their home regions, students are excited to travel and meet other peers from around Malawi. At summer school student will participate in a learning experience unlike any they have ever known: small class sizes, highly qualified and motivated teachers, access to computers, a science laboratory, a library, and a chance to explore their artistic creativity.

The theme for this year’s camp is, “Pezani Njira Yanu” (Find Your Path) which captures the spirit of Camp Sky. We will offer advanced core classes in preparation for the government exams that determine students’ options after graduation. Another main focus of summer school is exploring future career opportunities. To learn more about Camp Sky and see picture of previous summer schools visit our website:

Camp Sky is an independent creation of Peace Corps Volunteers therefore it is not funded by Peace Corps. Fund raising efforts are necessary for the running of the camp so that we can pay for essential items like school supplies, transport, facilities and food. Donations from home, no matter what size, are crucial to Camp Sky. All donations to Camp Sky are tax deductible. Below are some suggested levels of giving although any donations are welcome.

Individual Donation Levels

Mzanga (my friend) 25.00 USD This level will pay for one students transport
Agogo (grandparent) 125.00 USD Pay for one student in full
Afumu (chief) 250.00 USD Pay for two students in full
Katswiri (champion) 375.00 USD Pay for three students in full

Group Donations Levels
(For example: Churches, Rotarian groups, Schools)

Mbanja (Family) 100.00 USD
Bungwe (Organization) 250.00 USD
Mudzi (Village) 500.00 USD
Mzinda City) 1,000.00 USD

To contribute, visit and click on the white “Summer School” link. You can donate with any major credit card via Paypal, or send a check to:

Friends of Malawi
c/o Lance Cole (FOM treasurer)
7940 SW 11th
Portland, OR 97219

If you decide to mail a check, be sure to specify that you want your contribution to benefit the Peace Corps Summer School project. Friend of Malawi will provide the documents necessary for tax purposes.

We greatly appreciate any help you are able to offer our program and our students. We look forward to sharing with you the successes of Camp Sky 2008.

Thanks you,

Your Friends and Family at Camp Sky

Technology Abounds...

This video was a compilation of last year's CampSky...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Attention for Malawi National Anthem...

The typical school week in Malawi begins, and ends, with a school assembly. The students line up in four rows [one for each form] and start the program with a song or presentation of some kind. Then the teaachers continue with any pertinent [or not] announcements. The assembly ends with Malawi's National Anthem:

"Oh, God, Bless of Malawi,
Keep it a land of Peace.
Put down each and every enemy;
Hunger, disease, envy.
Join together all our hearts as one,
That we'll be free from fear.
Bless our leaders, each and every one.
And Mother Malawi."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Initial Musings

Being a rather ambitious, gung-ho group we started planning for CampSky at our IST [Inservice Training] in April. We were able to work out a basic structure for both the camp and the leadership within - and figure out what our goals and ultimate mission for the camp this November were...

Our Mission: Provide students the opportunity to explore, the skills to acquire and the drive to succeed in a future career.

Our Goals:
*To expand Malawi’s capacity for Career Counseling by providing training to a select group of experienced Malawian educators

*To expose select students from country-wide CDSS’s to a variety of occupation-focused subjects and opportunities

*To allow newly trained counselors to work with students in providing career guidance

*To expand student’s collegiate opportunities by rigorous MSCE preparation

*To establish an Alumni Association which will assist graduate campers in collegiate admissions and career acquisition

*To motivate students to succeed by establishing a fun yet hard-working and practical learning environment